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Teen Wolf Bunnies
Home for Wayward Teen Wolf Bunnies
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4th-Jul-2013 09:50 am - [sticky post] Welcome!
teen wolf: derek&stiles - 104 text by ca
teenwolfbunnies is your home for wayward bunnies! Please visit us to drop off a plot bunny or to adopt one.

Plot Bunny: An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written. (Urban Dictionary)


~To drop off a plot bunny, please make a new post to the community.

Your subject line should use the following format:

Subject Line: Type of Bunny: Pairing/Character: Brief Description of Bunny {Spoiler Alert if applicable}

The body of your post should include the plot bunny. If it is more than one or two brief paragraphs, please put all but the one or two brief paragraphs behind a cut.

~You may drop off bunnies for fic, graphics, vids, etc.

~You may drop off bunnies for any Teen Wolf character or pairing. The bunny may be gen, het, slash, or threesome/moresome.

~Crossover/fusion bunnies are welcome so long as the emphasis is on the Teen Wolf character/pairing.

~Mark posts that contain spoilers for the upcoming season 5 in the subject line and put all spoilers behind a cut.

~You do not have to comment to adopt a bunny, but you should comment to the bunny post after you’ve posted your fanwork with the link so we can mark the bunny as adopted.

~No flames or wank! If you don't like a pairing/character/bunny, skip it!

~I will add new tags as they become necessary.

~Please check out our mirror comm @ DW: Teen Wolf Bunnies on DW. You may post your bunnies at either comm, or at both.

Please note that this community is not intended to replace communities such as the tnw_kinkmeme, but to complement them. I was looking for a place to submit a prompt that didn’t really fit the kink meme, and when I couldn’t find one, decided to create one.

This is not the place to post simple prompts (words, phrases, lyrics), but ideas that have grown into full-fledged bunnies that are biting at your ankles. (Not to say that kink or lyric-based bunnies, for example, aren’t welcome here so long as they’re actual bunnies rather than simple prompts.)

If you have questions about the community, please ask them at the Q&A post.

If you’d like to affiliate, please comment here.
Love Is Eureka
I think I got it right, it was short so I didn't put it under a cutlet me know if I need to fix that or anything else.

When Scott first came into Derek's home, he wasn't expecting to knock a picture that had been facedown off the the mantlepiece, nor what the picture contained.

"Derek, Why is a photo of my dad face down in your house?"
spikedluv: hand on chest by tazi
Allison is killed in some battle for Beacon Hills (or is presumed dead, author’s choice). Chris and Isaac come together in their shared grief, because the other is the only piece of Allison they both have left. And at first it’s just a way to stop thinking about the hole in their lives, to not hurt quite so much just for a little while. Chris (or Isaac, if he’s your pov character) doesn’t know when it became something more.

(No, I don’t want Allison to die, and no I don’t advocate the idea of killing a female character merely to give the male characters more man-pain, but this idea came to me after spoilers for 3B -- not necessary to read for the promptCollapse ))
13th-Sep-2013 06:56 am - Fic: Derek/Stiles: B&B AU
teen wolf: derek&stiles - 104 text by ca
We’re going away for the weekend, and when I was checking out places to stay, I looked at the comments regarding two B&Bs in the area. One of the comments said something like, “the B&B was run by two people, one of whom was very friendly, and one of whom was not,” and it reminded me of Derek and Stiles.

So I’d love a B&B AU in which Derek and Stiles run a B&B and Stiles is the one who has to interact with the guests, while Derek does everything he can to not have to interact with their guests that much. Or at all. Like doing the cooking, or maintenance, and when he does actually have to deal with their guests, he’s all *growls* and the male and female guests are all, wow, he’s so hot, but the eyebrows are kinda scary. Or, you know, just a B&B AU. *g*
teen wolf: derek&stiles - 104 text by ca
I recently read a wonderful story (Electricity In the Contact by ladyblahblah) that contained an awesome idea – an adoption/foster organization for orphaned werewolves. I thought the idea was inspired and I’d love a story where such an organization exists, and Stiles runs it/works there in some capacity, which is how he meets Derek.

Possibly because despite his grumpy face Derek wants to adopt a werewolf. And Stiles wants to make sure his charges go to good homes. And he might be a little bit attracted to Derek's eyebrows. *makes puppy eyes*
teen wolf: derek&stiles - 104 text by ca
I recently read two stories where Derek leaves Beacon Hills after the Alpha Pack is defeated, he and Stiles keep in touch, and eventually meet up again. [Miles Away by sori and A Californian Werewolf in New York by dancinbutterfly and knight_tracer] These stories have made me want something similar, but slightly different.

I’d like a fic where Derek leaves Beacon Hills and he and Stiles ~don’t keep in touch. A year or two later, when Stiles goes off to college they run into each other again because Stiles just happens to choose the same college Derek is attending. (Whether it’s sheer coincidence, or Stiles stalked Derek to find out where he was living is up to the author.) Distanced from the events of Beacon Hills 2011 they’re able to develop a friendship, which leads to more. Bonus points if Derek is Stiles’ TA and if he sees Stiles wearing glasses. *g*
5th-Jul-2013 01:53 pm - FIC: Derek/Stiles Season Three AU
Stiles in the new teacher at Beacon Hills High who finds himself thrust unexpectedly in the supernatural world of Beacon Hills and falling for the mysterious Derek Hale
5th-Jul-2013 01:19 pm - Fic:Scott: Scott's dad comes back
R exhume
I'd love to see it if someone wrote a fic dealing with Scott's father coming back. Only it turns out that he's a hunter. When he finds out that Scott is a werewolf, he tries to beat it out of him, or in some other way 'cure' him. No matter if it ends up killing him or not.
I'd love to see Scott's friends working together to save him, with a focus on Scott, Allison and Isaac.

Fic could be gen, but Scott/Isaac, Scott/Allison or Scott/Isaac/Allison would be love as well.

Please no Sterek, not even as a side pairing. If Stiles gets paired up, I'd much rather see him with Danny.
4th-Jul-2013 09:42 am - Q&A Post
spikedluv: hand on chest by tazi
If you have question(s) about this community or how to drop off or adopt a plot bunny, please ask it/them here.

Thank you!
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